10 AI Apps For Home Renovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has observed its manner in practically every area of our lives, inclusive of the manner we renovate our houses. Home renovation has emerged as smarter, more efficient, and noticeably user-friendly. Let’s take a look at 10 AI Apps for home renovation that are changing the future.


Houzz, a pioneer in the sector, uses AI to provide an immersive experience. It enables customers to visualize furniture and decor items in their space. It is removing guesswork and guaranteeing that every decision fits perfectly.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D’s AI-driven design suggestions enable users to generate advanced floor plans and interior designs. Its user-friendly interface allows even inexperienced designers to create thorough restoration plans.


Homestyler offers a unique set of tools by combining AI and augmented reality. It allows users to digitally put furniture and decor objects, providing a real-time preview of the finished design.


Magicplan’s AI-powered approach turns your smartphone into a designer. It generates correct floor layouts simply by scanning, removing the need for manual measurements. 

Reno AI

Reno AI connects consumers with virtual consultations and AI-driven advice to streamline the design process. It recommends color palettes, furniture, and decor items based on the user’s tastes.

RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Pro uses artificial intelligence to generate accurate floor layouts by scanning your surroundings. By delivering precise measurements in an instant, this speeds up the beginning steps of a renovation.


While not entirely AI-dependent, SketchUp makes use of AI-assisted tools to create 3D models. It facilitates the visualization of prospective improvements, making it a useful tool for both experts and homeowners.


Choosing the appropriate paint color can be a difficult undertaking. TapPainter simplifies this process by using AI to digitally test different paint colors on walls. It allows users to confidently choose the correct shade.

Build.com Pro

 This program uses artificial intelligence to convert 2D pictures into interactive 3D models. Architects and contractors can acquire an in-depth understanding of the project, which improves planning and communication.


BIMx combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide interactive 3D models. It enables users to investigate renovation designs from many perspectives, bringing thoughts to life and assisting in decision-making.

AI in home renovation speeds up the process and improves precision, creativity, and user experience. These 10 AI Apps for home renovation have AI’s transformational power by crossing the gap between vision and reality in interior design and home improvement. We should expect even more inventive solutions that change how we rebuild and reshape our living spaces as technology grows.  

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