Angus Cloud, HBO’s Euphoria star, dies at 25

Angus Cloud, the 25-year-old actor known for his role in the HBO series “Euphoria,” has tragically passed away, leaving behind a promising acting career. The cause of Angus Cloud’s death remains unknown, leading to speculation and rumors. However, we must approach the topic with sensitivity and respect for his grieving family.

Angus Cloud played Fezco “Fez” O’Neill on “Euphoria,” making him a fan favorite. His untimely death is a devastating loss for the entertainment industry. The actor’s family expressed their grief in a statement, revealing that Angus had been battling suicidal thoughts since returning from Ireland, where he laid his father to rest a week ago.

According to Angus Cloud’s representatives, he passed away at his family’s home in Oakland, California. He had been staying with relatives as he worked through his grief. First responders were dispatched to the location associated with the actor, where they found him already deceased. The cause of death remains undetermined at this time.

Fans flocked to Angus Cloud’s Instagram comment section to offer tributes and heartfelt condolences. He was admired for his talent and personality, both on and off-screen. Angus’s breakout role as Fezco in “Euphoria” showcased his unique approach to acting and his natural talent.

HBO expressed immense sadness over Cloud’s death, acknowledging him as a beloved part of the “Euphoria” family. Sam Levinson, the creator of the show, lamented the loss of Angus, recognizing his struggles with addiction and depression and hoping he knew the impact he had on others.

Angus Cloud’s portrayal of Fezco, the teenage drug dealer with a heart of gold, resonated with viewers, and his bond with his young adoptive brother, Ashtray, was particularly touching. Fans rooted for Fezco’s character in his romantic relationship with Lexi in the most recent season.

Cloud’s personal fashion sense, showcased since his debut in “Euphoria,” added flair and personality to red carpet events. Growing up shopping in thrift stores in Oakland, California, helped him develop his unique style.

In memory of Angus Cloud, we must emphasize the importance of mental health awareness and support. During this moment, let us check in on those around us, ensuring they know they aren’t alone in their struggles.

The entertainment industry and fans mourn the loss of Angus Cloud and extend heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones. May his soul rest in peace.

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