Dan Wootton, GB News Host, Denies Criminal Allegations

Dan Wootton, GB News host, admits past “errors of judgment” but denies criminal allegations against him. He faces claims on social media about his conduct, dismissing them as false. Wootton, a former showbiz journalist, emphasizes that his mistakes had no major consequences.

The reports include accusations of offering money for explicit material to media colleagues. Wootton calls it a “witch hunt” orchestrated by “nefarious players.” The Sun and MailOnline publishers are investigating the claims.

Social media and publications like Byline Times and the Guardian contributed to the campaign against him. Wootton believes “dark forces” aim to take down GB News.

During his tenure at the Sun, Wootton broke several exclusive stories, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal duties decision.

Wootton’s media history includes being the Sun’s executive editor and editor of Bizarre. He previously served as the showbiz editor at the News of the World and the showbiz correspondent on ITV’s Lorraine, earning multiple showbiz reporter of the Year awards.

Current allegations involve fake online identities and offering money for explicit videos. Byline Times provided evidence to the Metropolitan Police, though no active investigation is underway.

Dan Wootton insists the claims are baseless and laments the “race to the bottom” on social media. He cannot comment further due to legal advice. GB News remains silent on the matter.

As the situation unfolds, the media industry closely watches the developments surrounding this controversy.

Dan Wootton’s response to the allegations made against him has garnered significant attention. The host admitted to past “errors of judgment” but vehemently denied any criminal wrongdoing. As the investigations continue, the media industry closely watches the unfolding developments surrounding this controversy.

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