Dolphin EasyReader, A Free App for Visually Impaired and Dyslexic Readers

Dolphin EasyReader is an exceptional free application designed to enhance the reading experience for individuals with visual impairments, neurodiverse conditions like dyslexia, and other print impairments. By offering a range of customizable features, EasyReader empowers users to adapt their reading environment according to their unique needs and preferences, enabling them to study or indulge in the pleasure of reading comfortably.

Key Features

  1. Magnification: With EasyReader, text can be magnified up to 300%, significantly aiding those with low vision in reading comfortably.
  2. Speech Functionality: EasyReader employs diverse voices and adjustable speeds to read text aloud, providing an invaluable resource for individuals who are blind or encounter reading difficulties.
  3. Color Schemes: EasyReader presents a selection of color schemes, allowing people with dyslexia or other reading challenges to perceive text more easily.
  4. Synchronization: By synchronizing text with speech, EasyReader highlights each word as it is read aloud, enhancing comprehension for English language learners or those struggling with reading.
  5. Library Access: EasyReader provides access to an extensive collection of books from libraries worldwide, encompassing both accessible and non-accessible titles.


  1. Enhanced Accessibility: EasyReader opens up a world of literature to individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, and other print impairments, significantly improving their reading experience.
  2. Improved Comprehension: EasyReader aids in comprehension, benefiting English language learners and individuals with reading difficulties.
  3. Amplified Enjoyment: Regardless of one’s vision or reading ability, EasyReader enables users to derive more pleasure from reading, fostering a love for literature.

How to Get Started

Getting started with EasyReader is simple:

To use EasyReader, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have installed the app, open it and create an account. You can then sign in to your favorite libraries and start reading.

To customize your reading experience, tap on the “Settings” icon. From here, you can adjust the text size, color scheme, speech settings, and more.

To find books, tap on the “Library” icon. You can then browse by genre, author, title or search for specific books.

To read a book, simply tap on its title. You can then use text magnification, speech, and other features to customize your reading experience.

In Conclusion

Dolphin EasyReader is a remarkable, free app that greatly enhances reading accessibility for individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, and other print impairments. Its wide range of customizable features ensures that reading becomes a joyous and inclusive activity for all users.

If you are seeking an application to facilitate effortless reading, Dolphin EasyReader is an excellent choice. It can be easily downloaded and utilized without any cost, and it offers an extensive range of features to make reading more accessible to everyone.

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