Eight People Still Trapped in Cable Car in Northern Pakistan

A cable car in northern Pakistan carrying eight people, including six students, has been stranded for nearly 10 hours after its cables snapped. The Pakistani army is attempting a rescue operation, but strong winds and the precarious position of the car have made the operation difficult.

The cable car was carrying the students and two teachers to a school in the mountainous area of Battagram when the cables snapped at around 7am local time on Tuesday. The car was left dangling 900 feet above a ravine.

The Pakistani army dispatched two helicopters to the scene, but they were unable to land due to the strong winds. Rescuers have also tried to reach the car on foot, but the terrain is too difficult.

So far, four children have been rescued, but six people remain trapped. The rescue operation is ongoing. The rescuers are working on alternative plans, including laying new ropes, to rescue the trapped individuals.

Cable car incidents are rare, but they can happen. In 2020, a cable car in India carrying 28 people snapped, killing 13 people. In 2015, a cable car in Italy carrying 15 people crashed, killing 14 people.

The cause of the cable car accident in Pakistan is not yet known. However, authorities are investigating the possibility of a technical fault or human error.

The rescue operation is being closely monitored by the Pakistani government. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has expressed his concern for the safety of the trapped people and has ordered the army to do everything possible to rescue them.

The rescue operation is expected to continue for several hours. The Pakistani army is confident they will be able to rescue all the trapped people. As the Pakistani authorities are utilizing all their efforts, we hope for an early recovery for the trapped people.

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