Hunter Biden Reaches Plea Agreement with DOJ on Tax Offenses

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, has reached a plea agreement with the Justice Department on charges of failing to pay federal income tax and illegally possessing a weapon. The agreement, which includes two federal misdemeanor crimes of willfully failing to pay federal income taxes, will see Biden plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses. The charges carry a federal prison sentence of up to six months.

According to reports, the younger Biden has been charged with failing to pay more than $100,000 in taxes on over $1.5 million in income in both 2017 and 2018. The plea deal also requires him to enter into a binding agreement to cooperate with the government’s ongoing investigations.

The resolution of Hunter Biden’s case comes just days after a 37-count indictment against former President Donald Trump about accusations of mishandling classified documents on his Florida estate, which has brought an onslaught of Republican criticism of the “politicization” of the Justice Department. The agreement, which requires the younger Biden to admit guilt, is narrowly focused on tax and weapons violations. It does not implicate the Democratic president, and the White House has kept its distance from the Justice Department.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers have praised the agreement, saying it brings to a close a five-year investigation into his taxes and foreign business dealings. However, Trump and other Republicans have been quick to criticize the deal as a way of avoiding prosecution for more serious crimes.

The plea agreement allows Hunter Biden to avert prosecution on a felony charge of illegally possessing a firearm as a drug user. The agreement will allow him to avoid jail time if he adheres to certain conditions.

The resolution of Hunter Biden’s case is likely to spark further debate about the Justice Department’s handling of high-profile cases and the potential for political interference. However, for Biden and his family, the plea deal brings to an end a long-running investigation and prevents negative headlines for the White House.

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