Twitter Login No Longer Required to View Tweets

Twitter has quietly reinstated the ability for users to view individual tweets without the need to log in to their accounts, reversing its earlier decision to require a Twitter login to view tweets. This reversal comes just days after the social media platform stopped showing tweets to logged-out users. While this development brings some respite to users, profiles remain inaccessible for those who are not signed in. Additionally, tweet previews in iMessage are functioning again for select individuals. This change in policy comes amidst Meta’s (formerly Facebook) impending launch of its Twitter competitor, Threads.

Temporary Emergency Measure:

Twitter owner Elon Musk explained that the decision of Twitter Login to make tweets inaccessible to logged-out users was a temporary emergency measure. The platform was experiencing data pillaging, which severely impacted the user experience for regular users. However, Musk did not specify the extent or nature of the data breaches

Protecting the Platform:

Twitter’s recent move to force Twitter Login on the number of tweets users can read per day was also linked to detecting and eliminating malicious actors, such as bots and data scrapers that harm the platform. This measure aimed to safeguard user data and prevent the misuse of information for training artificial intelligence models. Nonetheless, the rate limits initially affected only a small percentage of users.

Lack of Communication:

Interestingly, Twitter no longer maintains a communications department that media outlets can reach out to for official statements, leaving many to speculate about the motivations behind these changes. Elon Musk’s restructuring efforts after assuming ownership have reportedly reduced the company’s ability to provide clarifications or address concerns promptly.

The Impact of Twitter’s Decisions:

As Twitter continues to restrict access to its platform, concerns arise regarding its impact on user engagement, content discoverability, and advertising revenue. By limiting tweets to signed-in users, Twitter risks hindering the growth potential of its user base. People who wish to share tweets with non-users may opt for screenshots instead of links, potentially discouraging non-users from joining the platform. Additionally, Twitter’s recent API changes and restrictions on data scraping may affect Google’s ability to include tweets in search results and impede services that rely on public data from platforms like Twitter.

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