Wally Lewis is battling dementia Caused by head injuries

Wally Lewis, the revered Australian rugby league legend, recently made a heart-wrenching revelation on a television show “60 Minutes” – he battles dementia. At 60 years old, Lewis candidly discussed the shock upon seeing his brain scans, confirming his chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) diagnosis.

CTE, a progressive and fatal brain disease, strongly links to repeated traumatic brain injuries, including concussions and head blows – injuries Lewis encountered during his illustrious playing career. The impact of these injuries on athletes’ long-term health, particularly in rugby league, garners significant attention.

His courage in sharing his struggle brings to light the pressing issue of dementia in sports, sparking vital discussions on player welfare and brain health awareness. Lewis’s revelation reminds us he is not alone; many athletes worldwide suffer from similar conditions due to career-related head injuries.

The sports community and the public reflect on research, support, and awareness of dementia. His story resonates, urging collective efforts to protect athletes from such hardships and implement preventive measures and safety protocols.

As Lewis bravely shares his journey, his impact reaches beyond rugby league. His story is a catalyst for change, urging stakeholders to prioritize player health and safety in all sports.

The rugby league community stands united with Wally Lewis, offering support and sympathy. His bravery paves the way for understanding neurodegenerative conditions and advocating for athletes’ well-being.

Wally Lewis’s legacy now includes confronting a difficult reality. Discussions about dementia in sports gain momentum, hoping to promote a safer sporting environment for future generations.

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